Do You Have Drop Foot?

Drop foot is a condition where the bottom portion of the foot falls off and causes it to appear shorter.

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It is also referred to as drop foot or spider foot.

A person suffering from this condition will often complain of pain in the bottom part of the foot when walking. Walking will often make the pain worse as it forces you to bend and stoop over. The foot drop can also be caused by the weight of the person wearing shoes. It can also be caused by lack of exercise as it puts too much stress on your feet. It also can cause you to slip on the wet floor when you step on it.

This is the most common type of foot ailment but there are other causes. There is a genetic predisposition that can also cause the problem. Sometimes it can be caused by wearing too many shoes as it prevents your feet from being able to support you.

Other factors that can lead to this condition include diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and even different medical conditions.

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Many athletes are more prone to this than others because it has been shown that athletes with high arches have less of a chance of developing it than those with flat feet. This is because their legs can support the arch and reduce the chances of the feet slipping off the floor.

To deal with the foot drop, you need to keep it as straight as possible. This involves wearing orthotics which help to support the foot. If it gets worse, you can try wearing thinner shoes which are easier for your feet to move around in. You can also try to strengthen the foot, particularly the plantar fascia, which will reduce the stress that your feet experience.

Other than wearing orthotics to reduce the amount of stress that you put on your feet, there is also some form of foot exercises that you can do. By strengthening the plantar fascia you can strengthen your Achilles tendon as well as your calf muscle which are important if you want to avoid getting drop foot. Strengthening these muscles will help to ensure that you have more flexibility in your leg muscles, which will reduce the strain that they experience.

If you suffer from drop foot, you should also ensure that you keep your feet clean and dry.

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Shoes that are too tight can make your feet slip around and hurt your ankles. You should always wash your feet before sleeping.

If you find that you are suffering from drop foot, you should speak with a podiatrist who will determine the best treatment for you. They may recommend the best treatment and then refer you to a doctor that can help you with the best solution.

To prevent your feet from slipping, you should use proper arch supports. You can get these at many places like your local drug store or even online. In addition, you should keep your shoes comfortable so that your feet do not hurt when you walk or run.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to wear a wedge-shaped shoe, which allows them to have a little more space in their feet while still having a little room to rest their foot. You should make sure that you do this properly to help reduce the pain associated with it.

It is also a good idea to keep your shoes dry and clean. You should clean your feet thoroughly after every shower and after you run outside and after every workout.

This can help with the pressure on your foot and increase the amount of support that you get. Keeping your feet clean and dry, helps to prevent you from developing a condition such as drop foot.

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